Aeotec z-stick gen 5 becomes unresponsive

Hey Guys,

Just reaching out to see if anyone else has experienced this…

I have been using the Zstick for over 6months but over the last 6-8 weeks its become unresponsive. When I notice one of my zwave devices not working I find the zstick either stuck on one colour or blinking really rapidly (usually blinks between blue/orange/red). this link show what I mean

To fix it I usually stop OH, remove the dongle then re-insert the dongle and restart OH.

To complicate things I am running OH via a virtual machine using windows 7. The USB port is mapped to the VM and like I said has worked without a fault for a while.

I wonder whether it is a data corruption thing on the dongle or lack of power?

thanks in advance

I would consider contacting Aeon support to see what the ‘stuck on one color’ means. They have good support and will likely get back to you quickly.

It would be interesting if you post the response from them here as well ;).