Aeotec z-stick Gen 5 Not discovered

In my zwave network I have a zstick gen5 as master controller and all look like working but I noted that it is discovered as Serial Controller and not as the Aeotec zstick as in database. I didn’t fins any errors on log. My question is: Is it normal of same thing is wrong in my configuration?

Yes, that is normal.

Sounds like it’s set up properly.

You should see something like this in PaperUI:

You can see more information here:

As well as the description of Serial-API mode for the stick here:

Make sure to set the Serial Port in the Thing configuration, based on where the stick is mounted in your system. Here’s how it looks on mine:

It looks exactly as you described but the stick has more parameters not visible

I didn’t paste all of the configuration parameters, since I’m using the defaults for all the others. Sounds like you’re set up right.