AeoTec Z-Stick Gen5 ZW090 / Raspberry Pi 4 Status offline

I’m a bit intimidated as I’m very new to learning Linux and now trying my first attempt at a DIY home automation project. I’m a installation tech for Network, IP cameras, access control and commercial lighting control systems with Crestron controllers and hardware so I have some basic knowledge to say the least. However I feel almost defeated before I even get a chance to get started as I can not get the Z-wave stick to work. I have installed the Z-wave Bindings, Added Z-wave controller in “things” but can not seem to get it to come online. I tried changing the Serial: port /dev/ttyS0 or ttyUSB00, 01 or ttyAM0 etc… to no effect.
Any advice would be appreciated!

The aeotec Gen5 and rasPi4 don’t like each other. There have been several reports. Putting an USB hub between these two makes them happy.

Some told me so just before i was about to throw the stick over the balcony railing. So using an old hub will solve your problem. See here f.e.

Give the search function a try next time. I didn’t remember the thread, searched for “aeotec raspberry” and the first entry was the solution. Not too bad, he? :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I didn’t have a balcony but something along the same lines.