Aeotec ZW075-C16 (Z-Wave-Plus) not updating values and switch change


today I received a new ZW075-C16 Aeotec (with z-wave plus). Inclusion and setup run smooth. First test of switching with paper ui shows success. After installation at the dryer I recognized that the switch didn’t send any values (power consumption etc.) and information about the switch state to the openhab server. Under habmin I can refresh the item values and openhab send a command “REFRESH”. After this command the values are updated. But only once after sending a refresh command.
What makes me wondering is, that the thing configuration shows an Battery channel. I am not sure if everything is correct.
The switch is recognized as ZW075 Smart Energy Switch 3rd Edition.
I am using a snapshot from today “267 | Active | 80 | | ZWave Binding”.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you!

My guess is that the associations aren’t set, or reports in the association groups aren’t set. Without associations, the device won’t report updates to the controller.

I note that the database isn’t configured to automatically configure this, so if you haven’t done it, then this is likely the issue. This probably should be updated if someone can check the setting…

Regarding the battery channel, this is an error in the database - I’ve removed it.

Hello Chris,

Thank you for your hint. Where can I find a doc or something else to read about associations? I think I can set this in Habmin but I have no idea about the schematic and the basics about this. I have a Fibaro wall plug under productive use and there no settings related to associations were required to report the states and measured values to the host.

Have a nice weekend!

You can read a basic info about associations in the zwave binding doc but I would suggest to read the manual for your device to understand what the device actually does. Habmin will provide you the options to set the associations in the thing configuration.

Your wallplug probably had the default associations configured in the database where this device doesn’t so they will need to be set manually.

Thank you Chris! I started reading and learning about the z-wave parameters and configuration. But I have a few question and hope you can help me.
I set the associations for group 1 and 2 to the openhab controller and enable the sending with parameter 90. Make it sense to add also the notes from the neighborhood to the associated groups?
What is a Hail CC sent and a Basic CC report sent? I don’t understand the difference and the sense (parameter 80).
The plug send the values, but only in the intervals I have set with the parameters 111 and 112. The parameters 91 and 92 have only influence for the regular sended reports (when the change is not high enough the plug didn’t send an update for this channel). Is this normal? The fibaro plug sends all the time (for every change in irregular time steps) a report. Basically this is no problem, I set the interval to 30 seconds and this is sufficient.

Thank you for your help.

Just a note - I’ve not looked at what the groups do, but sometimes there’s a single group that is used for reporting to controllers. Adding the controller to multiple groups can cause messages to be received multiple times. If each group does something different, then no problem.

If these are both needed, then I’d suggest to update the database so that it is automatically configured.

Sorry - I don’t know what you mean by this. Are you asking if you should add notes to the database? If you want to update the database this would be fine (and appreciated Im sure) if there is useful information to add.

Probably you don’t need to worry about this. HAIL is a message from the device to thr controller to tell it something has changed. It’s not normally used these days. BASIC is normally used to send commands directly to other devices - so you can turn a light on for example.

Yes - this sort of operation sounds pretty normal - it’s designed to reduce ‘noise’ on the network.


Make it sense to add also the nodes from the neighborhood to the associated groups?

Sorry my german dictionary was activated.

Sorry - I’m not completely sure I understand. What do you mean by “the nodes from the neighborhood”? Generally, you don’t want to just add nodes to these lists or strange things are likely to start happening in your network (eg lights will start to turn themselves on and off). You should only add the controller, and then only if needed.

You have understand it right.
Thank you very much, now I think I have the plug configured to my needs and learned a lot about the technical background of z-wave.


I have two different power sockets with Z Wave, one fibaro, one Neo-Cool Cam.
Both worked fine an I persisted the power and the energy. After a few weeks, i recognized, that the Neo chart doesn´t change anymore and that the values for power and energy only show up on restart. my persistence strategy is everychange and everyminute. Same for the fibaro a few days later.

didn´t change anything in this time