Aeotec ZW111: Incorrect parameters? Version difference?


It seems parameters 120 and 121 for the Aeotec ZW111 don’t match the documentation I got with the module.
So if there’s a difference in parameters between module versions I guess it complicates things…

Ref: db

  • 0 Option Label (Default) Enter automatic identification mode
  • 1 Option Label Momentary push button mode
  • 2 Option Label 3 way switch mode
  • 3 Option Label 2-state switch mode

Ref. Documentation
(0) Unknown mode
(1) 2-state switch mode
(2) 3-way switch mode
(3) Momentary push button mode
(4) Enter automatic identification mode. (The blue
LED will fast blink)

Can the different ZW111 models be identified uniquely and added as unique instances in the db?

(I have a ZW111-C (EU) model)

Yes - we can differentiate different firmware versions. If the firmware changes, we can create a new database entry, copy over the information from the existing entry and modify the changed parameters.

Information on the database is here.

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I’ve added an account (Alpoy) on your site, can/should I add a new device using my xml file?

I think first we need to know what versions we’re talking about. What version do you have? We’ll need to limit the existing entry to a version range and then add a new version. Also, what is the latest version available on the Aeon website?


My version (HW: ZW111-C EU):

(XML) node76.xml (20.2 KB)

The only reference to firmware I found was this . But it seems to only show revisions …not actual firmware releases. :worried:

Give me a couple of days - I’ll confirm the status with my contact at Aeotec.

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Thank you!

Aeotec confirmed that the information in the database at the moment, which came from the ZWave website, is wrong. Therefore I would suggest to just update the database with the information in the manual and not to produce a new version.

Nice, I’ve updated the db now! :slight_smile: