Aeotec ZW111: Setting "Restore Last Value" does not function

Build 931
Windows 8.1
HABmin -> Configuration -> Things -> ZW111 node -> Channels -> Brightness

Linked a dimmer Item. Then attempted to set “Restore Last Value” to “Restore Full Brightness” in the Channel Configuration. On clicking Save, nothing is sent on the COM port to the zstick controller. The dimmer indeed restores to last setting rather than full brightness.

Am I doing something incorrect? Is this not yet supported? Or maybe the ZW111 does not actually support the setting?

That’s correct - this is a binding setting - not a device setting, so it won’t send anything to the device at the time this gets changed.

Then it also does not appear to actually do anything either. That is, making this setting for the channel does not make the dimmer Item tell the ZW111 to turn on to full 99.

This may be because something else is broken: The channel setting does not stick, and always shows “Restore Last Value.”

Or it may be that Linked Items are a bit broken at least in the UI. For instance, after setting “Restore Last Value” in HABmin I went to Bindings then back to the ZW111 Thing and the channel binding had disappeared, though it is still on the Sitemap and still toggles the dimmer. So who knows where the setting is being stored. This is around the time that I have to delete everything in the DBs and start over.

btw: The Overview text for parameter 81 says Group 4 rather than Group 3.

No - it won’t do this. It should tell the device to turn on to the last value the device used. There is a specific value that is sent to tell the device to do this. Check the logs to see what it is actually sending.

Please feel free to update the database.

Yes, I see it sending a 255 rather than a 99.

Just to be clear: Are you stating that if I select “Restore Full Brightness” and hit Save, then the next time I turn on the light via an Item bound to that channel, openHAB should instead tell the channel to “Restore Last Value?” If so, then what is that channel configuration for? Should I be using some other type of Item to get the expected result?

I thought you were wanting to restore the last value, so in this case, it sends 255. If you want to switch to full brightness, then select that option and it will send 99.

I think that what you are saying is that this is happening ok?

Ah. No, my complaint is that it is definitely not happening. It always sends 255. Additionally, if I leave that setting in the HABmin UI and then return, my Saved change is no longer set. Might be related. That is, it might be saving the wrong value.

How are you configuring your things and items. Is everything done through the UI, or is some done in text files. Any issues in the logs?

Also, try this configuration in PaperUI - there might be an issue with the channel configuration in HABmin?

I only use the UI to create everything. Nothing in text files at all.

Yes, it is a HABmin issue. Changing the value in PaperUI makes it stick and work (sends 99). Value in HABmin is then shown to also be changed.

No errors that I could see in the logs.