Aeotec ZW162 setup

Anyone find a way to set volume, tones and other alarms for this doorbell/siren? Out of the box it’s really loud and starts wailing when I go to move it to a new power outlet.

I do not see it listed in the community maintained device database.

I think it’s the ZW164 that shows up in that database.

We show that as ZW164 Weird.

I believe there is still an open issue for full device support.

I’ve put in a support ticket with Aeotec on how to set volume and alarm options without smartthings.

The issue is they use a command class that is not supported by our binding. Aeotec would not likely be able to help with that.

Had no idea. The Doorbell 5 had been working well for me up until the button part took some damage. Looks like I’ll be returning this to Amazon and looking for something else.