Is anyone use this device and can share if able to operate the alarm?
Any update on the sound command support?


Is that the Doorbell 6 /Siren 6?

I think there is a GitHub issue to add support to the binding fir that new class. Another user was helping @chris but I lost track of the status.

Yes, it is the doorbell 6.
Any update on it?


Any update would be ion the GitHub issue. Perhaps subscribe to that issue to get updates. I have not seen one in a while.

I’ve not had the chance to look into this in detail, so no there hasn’t been a lot of progress as yet. I’ll see if I can find some time to take a quick look at least in the next week.

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Thank you Chris, looking forward for updates.

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Hi @chris

Nice to see you are looking at this, I was starting to look at this also.
Here is my fork maybe you can use some of that.
I got a bit stuck because I could not figure out how to get two channels connected into the converter class. I guess I need to create a new typeId or some config keyword in the xml file or a converter for each channel.
I have tried the TONE_PLAY_SET, TONE_PLAY_GET and TONE_PLAY_REPORT and they are working as intended.
The channel can be updated and is updated with 0 when the tone is finished playing.

Thanks. I will try to spend some time on this over the weekend.

Is it possible you can create a small example of how the channels in the zw164_0_0.xml file should look with the COMMAND_CLASS_SOUND_SWITCH configuration.
Then I think I can figure out how to implement it. Currently my file looks as shown below where I use “scene_number” and “switch_dimmer” but this is most likely incorrect.

<channel id=“test_play_tone” typeId=“scene_number”>
<label>Play tone</label>
<property name=“binding::DecimalType">COMMAND_CLASS_SOUND_SWITCH,COMMAND_CLASS_BASIC</property>
<channel id=“volume” typeId=“switch_dimmer”>
<property name="binding:

No, because the binding does not yet support that.

I know that :slight_smile:
I was looking at adding support to the binding but I am unsure how the xml file will look when it is eventually added to the database.


Thank you for your effort.
Any update on when we can try binding this device?


Updates will be posted in the GitHub issue. Subscribe to that to get updates.

This isn’t a quick job. I’ve done some work on this over the past week or so, but it’s not super simple. This is quite a complex command class, and even though I’m reusing code from another project of mine, it still takes some work.

Responding to this again since you PM’d me…

As @Bruce_Osborne has said, the binding doesn’t support this, so the XML doesn’t support this. Once the binding is updated, and the database updated, then the XML files will be updated automatically.

Thanks for the answer. Sorry but I still do not understande this or maybe I am not making myself clear, I am not trying to update the XML file and use that with the existing binding.
Maybe I am just completely misunderstanding how this works, but as I understande it once the binding is updated the database will have to be updated so that we can add channels for COMMAND_CLASS_SOUND_SWITCH and the logic that exports from the database also has to be changed to allow exporting this.
But until then I am just trying to make a change to the binding so that I can make a pull request for the binding so support COMMAND_CLASS_SOUND_SWITCH . But I want to implement the change in the binding so that it works like other Z-Wave devices with multiply input channels. However I have not been able to find any other devices that is similar to this, so that I can see how it is done normally.
I guess normally it would be the other way around where you implement the change in the binding and when doing this define how the xml should look and implement that in the database.
So in this case I am asking how you think it will look eventually if you were to implement it in the binding.

Perhaps the specification could help.

If you are writing the COMMAND_CLASS_SOUND_SWITCH implementation, that’s great and I will not continue with this if you’re well advanced.

If you are implementing this command class, then asking this question is a bit strange since clearly the answer is something that YOU need to implement. I will look at the channels as part of the implementation, but the first step is that the initialisation needs to work properly.

To avoid us both wasting time, we should understand what is happening. Are you planning to implement this command class - or am I being asked to implement it? From what you provided in your GitHub repo, there is still really a lot to do - if you plan to continue, then that’s much appreciated, otherwise I will continue with this but I need to fit this in around other work.

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One project I am assisting with it to move the Z-Wave database from his home machine to a more robust hosted server. There are many parts to doing that.

Since it affects ALL devices in the binding, I perceive it as a higher priority. :wink:

Well I guess I do not understande the complete scope of the work.
What I have in the github repo is all I have. So if you say there is a lot more to do I clearly do not understande the complet scope and you should not stop anything you have implemented.
Currently my code can just make the doorbell siren ring and this is the most important ting for me.
Maybe my role it better with testing your implementation if you can share that.