Aeotec ZWA011

Trying to add an Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7, ZWA011 and so far multiple attempts to wake it up gets nothing. It remains an unknown device.

It shows up as “0371:0102:000B:1.1”

I think it might be new enough to not be recognized yet. Did some searching and don’t see references to it in amongst the other Aeotec devices.

What can I do to get this thing recognized or added to the database?

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If it is fully discoveres there should be an xml file in the zwave folder of userdata. That can be used, along with the manual, to add an entry to the community supported database.
Here is the database guide.

I do have what appears to be a complete xml file. Trying to get a login setup on the database guide but having difficulty with that.

network_f0bed815__node_35.xml (11.0 KB)

After you set up a login you need to submit a ticket there to get database access. @chris can help further.

Uploaded xml files for the Aeotec ZWA011 and ZWA012. First is a Door/Window Sensor 7 and the other is the Pro version that adds tilt sensing and terminals to do a dry contact.

I added pictures and PDF manuals. Wasn’t sure what some of the information should be so I left it blank for now.

I can add more info once I know what’s needed.

I guess @chris completed & approved the devices.

So will they be recognized by openhab now or after the next milestone update?

No - until the database is complete and approved, it wont be added to the binding.

As I said to you in the ticket yesterday, you need to add the configuration and associations.

@chris I’ll try to get the info added tomorrow.

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I’ve added parameters and associations according to the user manual. I’ve never done this before so I really don’t know if I’ve done it correctly or not. Did run into a few things that I couldn’t figure out.

parameter 8 - Group 2 on value
parameter 9 - Group 2 off value
- couldn't figure out how to define a range option of 0-99 
parameter 10 - Group 2 On time delay
parameter 11 - Group 2 Off time delay
- couldn't figure out how to define a range option of 0-32400

Once this is done I will have a ZWA012 to add also that is based on the same sensor but adds a tilt sensor and dry contacts.

You should just be able to put the min/max of 0-99…

Thanks for adding it to the database @BiloxiGeek.
I was not sure about ordering these, or to go for the old gen5 version :slight_smile:

Hi @chris

I tried to create a ticket on, but I keep getting a 403 back :confused:

I just received some new Aeotec Limited ZWA011 Door/Window Sensor 7 (database id 1389), but they identify with another device type, than the one in the database (0002:000B instead of 0102:000B). It could be because mine are EU versions (ZWA011-C), but i’m not sure.

The database guide mentions uploading my xml to resolve multiple device-types, but I can’t find the function, and I am not sure how to do it the correct way, so please advise :slight_smile:

Second, just to get it to work in my openHAB, I tried changing the type in my local build and got it included, but the sensors did not trip. By looking at the log I could see that the configured channels were wrong (different event-ID’s than expected), so by changing alarm_burgler to alarm_tamper and alarm_access to sensor_door, they now work.

I strongly doubt that this only applies for my sensors, but that it is wrong in the database. Have you been able to test it in openHAB @BiloxiGeek?

I’ve updated the database to add this ID - this should flow into the binding in the next couple of days.


I’ve updated the database to add this ID - this should flow into the binding in the next couple of days

Cool, thanks.

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Hi, is this zwa011-c02 device with ID 0002:000B available for openhab 2.5?

If I understand this discussion aright, the “Aeotec ZWA011” sensor has been added to the database.
But when I click on the “full list of supported things” in the documentation (Stable 3.3.0 / Zwave-Binding) I cannot find this product. The upgrade of the database has occurred in 2021. What is the reason that I cannot find it now in the database?

Apparently the generator that creates this list in the documentation has a problem extracting from the Zwave DB. There should be no problem

It worked. @apella12: Thank you.
Will anybody adapt the generator?

I picked this issue up from github, so the developer is aware. I think he is pretty busy with his regular job at the moment. Always check the actual DB if in doubt.