Aeotec zwave devices Nortek GoControl USB controller compatibility?

I’m trying to find the information if Aeotec zw095-a home energy monitor Gen5 would work on Nortek GoControl husbzb-1 zigbee+zwave controller?

I ordered this controller initially for some zigbee devices, but now I’m looking to get this aeotec zwave energy monitor.
I was under the impression that all zigbee/zwave devices will run off this controller, same as all wifi devices are running off my wifi AP.
but this part confuses me:

if you click on compatibility tab (below product picture)
there is a list of compatible controllers, first of all half of the controlers on the list are not compatible or partially compatible??
second of all, HUSBZB-1 is not on the list at all!
So, it doesnt really look promising…
If i have to buy aeotec zwave usb controller just for this, it kind of defeats the purpose of having nortek go control “universal” controller. I’ll end up with having raspberry PI usb hub full of “universal” controllers for the same thing…

can someone shed some light on this topic?


Pretty much all ZWave controllers are the same at the moment - they are all produced by one company and you should have no problem with this controller. Many people here use it already.

great, thanks. and what about the info I found on the forums, that this nortel controler runs zwave for USA frequencies? so it will not work with EU zwave devices?

I would have no problem ordering USA model of zwave devices in general, but this specific device is for energy monitoring and I need EU model as I am in a place with 220volts and USA runs on 120volts…

I’ll just order the EU one and see if it works with my controller. if not, will have to go for another controller. I really hope this won’t be neccesary as you mention…

That is correct - if you’re in Europe, don’t buy this stick.

hm…too late :slight_smile:
and what about zigbee frequency? its the same worldwide? i have some xiaomi/aqara zigbee temperature/humidity senzors that I’m hoping to pair with this controller…
dont know if chinese zigbee speak with american zigbee…

Yes - ZigBee will be ok. It uses the 2.4GHz band world-wide.

Yes, it’s one of the few things they agree on :slight_smile:

I have that controller. It works well with our Z-Wave binding. If they are Z-Wave certified it should work unless they add their own stuff. We have a lot o Aeotec devices supported.

That looks a lot like this meter which is supported.

sure, but if i buy aeotec device for EU which runs on 868Mhz it will not work with Nortek controller as it runs 908Mhz…

@vanja you need to buy only z-wave devices for your world region. That is why I mentioned that stick is only for North America.