Aeotec zwave devices working in OH2.4 now showing as Unknown OH3.2

I have some Aeotec devices (ZW111, ZW129) that were working back in OH2.4 from about 2018/2019. Long story short I moved house things got misplaced so I have now started from scratch again with a new OH3.2 system. The devices are showing ‘unknown’ but OH kind of detects what they are but doesn’t let me use them.

I have been out of the OH game for a few years so just wondering is it likely it has been removed from the DB? Will I need to install the older version again to get them working?

Hoping there is an easy answer for this as I’ve got most of my other devices I had working in OH3.

Please post a screenshot of the configuration page, e. g.:

Ok so I went back to OH2.5 and the ZW111 is now OK which is a relief as I have heaps of them, however the ZW129 Wallmote Duo and ZWA039 (aerQ Temp/Humidity sensor) show as unknown.

The wallmote was previously working but just not sure about the temp sensor.

Sometimes the unknown device occurs because the DB has been modified (modified devices are removed from the binding until they are approved). However checking the dates of your devices all should work on OH3.2 if they work on OH2.4, although the ZWA039 is going to need a newer binding than OH3.2 (OH3.3M1) for all its properties.

What seems amiss is the numbers that ID the device (and @Ap15e is looking for) are missing from your screen shots. Based on good authority these numbers are transmitted very early in the inclusion process. I would follow the advice here.


might be an indication that the discovery of your devices isn’t complete.

What is needed for further analysis:
Settings → Things → [Your device] → Information → Thing Properties


None of these devices has been rediscovered since you moved them. They are both battery devices and need to be woken up so that the binding can discover them - otherwise they will not be known (as per your issue :slight_smile: ).

Thanks Chris. This worked on the battery wallmote so that’s all good now. The same did not for the temp sensor ZW036. It did send a few additional details when I woke it up, but still says Unknown.

Z-Wave Node 006 (0371:0202:0009:2.0)

I have seen cases where battery devices only process one configuration step per wakeup and 40-50 steps may be needed. The device is in the DB, so keep waking.

Another idea is to exclude and try again with the sensor very close to the controller. Also someone else suggested to keep pressing the wake-up every couple of seconds and not let the device go to sleep.

If the inclusion gets far enough along (needs to get through the wake-up class configuration) it will finish on its own.