Aeotech Doorbell 6

@Corb555 Here is the missing link.
Openzwave based solutions like Home Assistant just refer you to the manual for you to compute the 4 byte configurations like the first 2 here. We attempted to provide all parameters as clear as possible.

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I just received a Doorbell 6. doorbell6_attributes

Looking forward to seeing this added. Happy to help however I can.

We are currently waiting for a binding update to add some new definitions needed for this and Siren 6.

How long does this update usually take?

Is there a way to add the doorbell manually using the above xml files?

With the change in development environments for 2.5M2 the developer is having issues getting his development environment running and compiling the binding cleanly. He needs to get this working before the binding can be updated.
Last weekend I sent a PM to Kai (the project leader) with my concerns on this issue, specifically mentioning users like you who are awaiting updates. They have been working through the issues.

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The issue is not related to the XML - there are significant code changes required to support this device as it uses a new command class.


i do not want to make any pressure, just want to ask if there is any update or ETA?

@chris now has his development environment working again and is working through 3 months of backlog changed for the binding.

Hi @chris,
is there anything I can assist with regards to testing or similar on this topic?

thanks for your amazing work on the z-wave binding.


I know Chris J. recently got his development environment to work with the new architecture and is working through a 3 month backlog of work.
Remember this is volunteer and his European Space work takes precedence.

EDIT: I am also checking to be sure the recent database maintenance did not remove this device. The (incomplete) entry is here.

yeah, lets hope its not a huge process to implement the new command class.
@Bruce_Osborne have you been able to configure your Doorbell6? I had to disable the tamper alarm with Zensys Tools, as it went completely mental :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job with the device in the database!! :slight_smile:


I do not have one. I just made the database entry based off the identical Siren 6 with data from another user here. The only difference in the products is that Doorbell 6 is packaged with switches. They can be purchased separately, though.

Now @chris has his development environment working with the new system, he is working through a 3 month backlog of work in his spare time. Full time, he is a European Space Engineer.

I guess OH Z-Wave IS “rocket science”. :rofl:

can you add this id to the siren (door bell verison) 0371:0003:00A2


The binding now has a GitHub issue filed for these devices.

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Hi @chris, can I ask if there has been any progress on this?

Just tried setting up my Doorbell 6 on OH2.4 and noticed it is not yet in the database.

If I can help in any way please let me know.


It will never be in the 2.4 binding. I am not aware of Chris adding the needed classes to the binding. You may want to comment on the GitHub issue here.

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I am not sure if it can work at all but unfortunately it does not work for me.

My status:

  • Pairing ob Openhab 2.6M1 and Sirene 6 was succefull.
  • I have 10 Channels, but no Channel work. I can register the Channels to ITEMs (Switch) and manipulate these Switches with Classic UI but no Alarm will fired

Is there another config necessary or anyone know my problem and can help to fix ist?

Best Regards,

We are waiting on a major binding update to support this device. There is an open GitHub issue you can follow.


I stranded at the same point. I assiociated the doorbell (#1) with een endpoint of another zwave device.
Ringing the doorbell triggered the zwave device going on and off. So, this makes that I can use the doorbell to be notified in openhab.

I’m waiting on the major update.

Greeting Mark

Hi guys, seem have been merged now, and should make this device more useful :slight_smile:

Have anyone tested yet?