Aerauliqa QR550 CTRL-DSP remote control

(Gerry Maguire) #1

This might sound a little daft, so apologies in advance. Have an MVHR system at home and it’s controlled from a wall panel unit (see subject).

Something that’s annoying is that, occasionally the MVHR can suck in smoke from the outside air, stinking the house up a bit. What I was hoping to try out is, if there was some way of controlling the panel remotely, i.e., turn it off / on using OpenHab or some app.

No idea if this is even possible to be honest so apologies again


(CM6.5 H102) #2

If the remote display is hard wired you could add an additional contact for on/off and use something like Esp8266 with mqtt for communication with OH. Maybe even something like a Shelly switch could work?

(Gerry Maguire) #3

Something I only thought of after I posted, was perhaps a super-sensitive smoke detector probe that could be inserted into the inflow stream that could turn off the MVHR upon detection? Possible?

(CM6.5 H102) #4

If you have a sensor that will detect smoke and change states (dry set of contacts that switch states, N.O./N.C. when smoke is detected) then yes that would work well.