After Blackout - MainUI Things gone

Hello, I am using OH 3.4.3 on an RPI4 with an SSD.

after an Blackout, all my PaperUI Things were gone.
I’ve already checked the path which I found in an other Post

\openHAB-userdata\jsondb\backup nothing in there <.<
All org.openhab.core.thing.Thing.json have 0 kb
also the backupfolder doenst have old files in it :open_mouth: ?

is there any chance to get my Things back ?


First things first: I doubt that there is a chance to get any data back. (sorry for that)

openHAB 3.x has no Paper UI at all, it’s called Main UI (this is the successor of openHAB2 Paper UI and HABmin)

Another qustion: How did you setup the SSD? Did you use the openHABian Image?
Then you should have disabled ZRAM, which is only meant for SD-Cards, as these don’t have controllers to prevent early wearout. ZRAM creates some RAM-Disks and setup an overlay file system for certain folders, so files are only written in case of a proper shutdown.

Please be aware that GNU/Linux file systems use / for folder levels, not \

There is one rule for all Computers: Do regular backups. $OPENHAB_USERDATA/jsondb/backup/ is no backup in this light, it’s only to store previous versions of the configuration files (and as default there are only five changes to be made undone.

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PaperUI is stuck in my Head =)

I did the installation with the official openHABian Image → never checked ZRAM, thought those settings will be done with the openHABian Image by themself.

\ / is a copy failure from windows explorer there it is \ :slight_smile:

yeah, it’s not an official backup /jsondb/backup but every thread says, it’s the only chance to get those .things files back IF there is no backup :< like in my case, I don’t have an automated backup system YET… which I would change after that…

ZRAM is set up by default because openHABian is designed and only supported to work on SD cards. You’ve deviated from that configuration by using an SSD so it is up to you to turn off ZRAM and make any other changes from the openHABian default necessary. When you deviate from the supported configuration you become your own support, we likely can’t help.

Note that “not supported” doesn’t mean won’t work. It means openHABian doesn’t mess with it and most users here on the forum can’t/won’t help. It gets very complicated just supporting the basic openHABian sometimes. When you deviate from that the complexity explodes exponentially.


oh, I didn’t know SSD is not supported “officially”.
Then I am on my own :slight_smile: which is okay
I will work on that ZRAM deactivation and an automatic backup.
OR switching back to SD :smiley: which I don’t prefer, I’ve never had a broken SD Card but I don’t trust them at all.

Thanks for the ZRAM hint and everything else.

The reason openHABian uses zram is to keep the SD card from wearing out. Very little gets written to the SD card except during a normal shutdown. Consequently it greatly increases the life of your SD card. I’ve had an RPi 3 running OH non-stop for about five years now with the zram config and all is well. YMMV

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