After coordinator name change, ZigBee devices will no longer be found

What I have tried:
Delete and rediscover the Telegesis coordinator.
Reset the coordinator.
Uninstall and install the binding.
But my coordinator looks like this:

And all my ZigBee Things are offline:

In the XML only more stands:
zigbee-network–zigbee_coordinator_telegesis_04000E65.xml (1.5 KB)
That’s what the XML looked like before my nasty game:
zigbee-network–zigbee_coordinator_telegesis_04000E65 - Kopie.xml (505.5 KB)
Here is the logging from the start of the binding (.pdf = .txt):
ZigBee_Log.pdf (46.5 KB)

I hope someone can help, would save me to dismount mirrors and glass panels to reset the dimmers.
After that, I do not change anything that works once :wink:

Addendum: Have now removed 3 Hue lamps, manually reset and joined, they are okay now:

When you deleted and re-created the coordinator, did you keep the same network key? If not, it will be impossible for devices to rejoin - even with this, it may be difficult if the dongle was reset due to other security constraints.

If you just changed the name of the coordinator, then it should not be an issue.

When renaming I did not change the key. But I do not know if he changed the key when deleting and finding, or when re-installing the binding. I never wrote down that.

Could I find the old key in the logs?

You might be able to find it in the logs if you have logs from before the change - it is logged when the binding starts (in debug mode only).

The other possibility is it might be in one of the jsondb backups, although if you have made a few configuration changes, this is probably too old now and will have been deleted.

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Thanks, I’ve already found, I was not clear that changes when I delete the coordinator and create new. Have just done it again and the key is new again, but can not change it by myself.

Thanks Chris for the support. Now i did all lamps, dimmers and switches reset, everything is running again. Is it somehow possible to save the settings and keys to restore it in case of a problem? :thinking:
I have dimmers which I have to clock the 24V to reset them, on the 230V side it does not work for some reason. One is behind a 40kg mirror in the bathroom and I’m getting old :sweat:

At the moment, it’s not so simple to reset everything. There are a number of settings that are required to restore the trust centre, and while the libraries support this, there’s no easy way to do it in the binding at the moment.

There are console commands that will likely be added to the binding in the near future to support the backup, so hopefully this will be added at some point in the not too distant future.

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