After first installation how i get a user interface

Hi community,
i want to read data from energy meter named Powerfox. I think the software openhab is suitable.
I am a beginner in Linux and openhab.
I have downloaded the openhab image and installed on Raspberry Pi 4B .
After installation on screen appear „openHabian openhab 4.0.4.
How can i now get a user interface?
I tried to create a administrator account - like recommend in the openhab documentation e.g. http://localhost:8080 or http://openhabian:8080 - it doesn’t work - command not found
What next steps must i go?
Thanks for your support
Kind Regards

On another machine open a browser and put http://openhabian:8080/ as the address to bring up. It’s a browser based UI.

There are differnt types of user interfaces in the openHAB environment. You use the for different purposes

  • the linux shell which you can login to via ssh from a remote computer or using a monitor and a monitor connected to the OH computer; this you can use to do changes in the linux environment like updating the software
  • the karaf console; you can log into it using the command openhab-cli console; this is to get access to OH internals
  • the webbrowser; this you can use to configure your OH setup via browser; similar/same functionality is available via the karaf console but you would need to know the command line to be executed