After I get my Z-Wave Leviton Switch Installed?

I am planning this weekend to install my first Z-Wave device a Leviton Decra series on/off switch. My model according to Leviton once it’s installed, am supposed to rely on my OpenHAB hub to set it up, not their app. So I’m going to assume the once I get the Z-Wave USB stick setup it will find it, but do these devices ever get updates? How are you supposed to update the switch if it has one? Figured the mobile app might do it normally but the Z-Wave doesn’t use the app.



No. You need to put the controller into pairing mode and then do some action on the switch (see the switch’s manual) to join it to the controller.

Rarely and you usually need special software to install it that usually only runs on Windows. I’ve never updated any of the firmware on any of my Zwave devices.