After migration the menue Other Service doesnt display


after migration on OH4, with lot of issue, the Other Services are not display.
how to display this menue.

Doesn’t it work for you as described at Pages - Introduction | openHAB :

Once installed, any non-Pages UI can be accessed in the “Other Apps” menu that pops up when clicking on the square icon in the upper right corner of the MainUI Overview page (the first page you see when first accessing openHAB).

What kind of migration did you do ? Real migration from OH3 to OH4 or new installation from scratch ?

Maybe you mean the add-on configurations on the bottom right hand of the Settings page? Those all moved to each individual addon. Navigate to Settings → Bindings (for example) → Your add-on → Little blue gear icon.

In the near future they will move to a more central location and be more obvious and easy to find.