After oh upgrade, only one item is not recorded

Hello Community,

After the update from 2.4 to 2.5, I notice the following problem: an Item.state (double) is not stored in the MYSQL database. And only this one, others already. I haven’t changed anything else! There are also no error messages in the logs. The Item.state is of course displayed correctly on the sitemap.

Has anyone noticed anything similar?

Or were there internal changes, perhaps undocumented?

Thank you very much

P.S. I have the guess that the assignment from openhab Item to Item in the database could no longer be correct – does anyone know how to overstate this?

I have come a step further. :thinking:

  1. If I manually add a value to the MYSQL database, it will appear in the chart item.

  2. However, this item shows me via the query in the REST API: no datapoints, which is definitely
    wrong, because there are a lot of datapoints.

Question: How or where can I check the mapping between openhab-Item and mysql-item? Where is this configured?

Thank you in advance


I got it back to running. So the problem has been solved. Although I cannot offer a “solution” for this.

I can only offer the following workaround – and my interpretation: with the upgrade from OH 2.4 to 2.5, somehow this one item has no longer been correctly assigned to the associated MYSQL item. It only concerned one item. What was the reason - no idea.

The trick helped to introduce a parallel OH item and save it via MYSQL. It didn’t work out … but probably helped to initiate OH or MYSQL to somehow re-initiate itself and thus the incorrect assignment of the item to be saved was most likely reread. The new parallel item has been removed again and with the old one it is now running again :blush:

By the way… I learned to import data into MYSQL as csv to supplement the data set.

openHAB – I love you again !!!