After openhab update, log is not updated + calendar not work

I have updated openhab to version 2.3, but I have the following problems:
the event.log and openhab.log files are not updated. I saw that 'a problem given by the update and read the various procedures for openhabian, but are not the same as those for windows, some help?
The second problem is the google calendar binding which does not seem to read the scheduled events anymore.
thanks in advance to everyone for the help

Have you checked if openHAB is running?

You can visit http://openhab.server.ip:8080

Or issues systemctl status openhab2.service from a command line on openHAB server.

Logging has changed significantly:

Probably you did not overwrite the old files during update.
DL the file from github and replace your local file:

now it’ work!!!

not having overwritten the files during the upgrade, can I create other problems that I do not see now?

Check the release notes: