After reboot zwave rules or zwave items losing config


I use openhabian 2.4.0 image with latest improvements with KNX and Zwave binding.

When I reboot openhabian via stop service and reboot, then zwave items are renamed back to previous names or zwave items losing their parents Config.

In addition, rules losing zwave item relationship and when I open the rule command, the zwave item will loaded and related without any manual task from my side…I need to press save button only and it works again.

I use paperUi to configure everything.

Maybe someone have an idea to solve the issue.


This is very old. Please consider using 2.5 instead.

Sorry … typo. I use 2.4.0-1.
How to install 2.5? There is no pi image yet.

I updated openhabian to 2.5.0-M1.
First tests are good. No item lost or renamed and rules working after restarts.
I keep you posted.

@chris , after 10days testing with 2.5.0.-M1 (with latest improvements) the zwave items still go away and recreated with default zwave items names (like “Sensor (Temperature)”) after restart of service or reboot.
Rules are not affected anymore. I assume, the rules executing based on UUID in combination with item name.
“Parent groups” cleaned and empty when the issue comes up which impacts charts in example, etc.

Maybe someone have an idea.

Thank you

I’m afraid I have no idea. I’m not really even sure what you mean by the items “go away”? The binding knows nothing about items and has absolutely nothing to do with items, so I don’t really think it’s related. However, maybe I don’t understand what the issue is - sorry.