After update to 3.2: can't select the parent bridge anymore when adding a generic mqtt thing

Hi everybody … maybe someone can help me.
I’m running OH 3.2 on a Raspi (openhabian).

I already added a few generic mqtt things in past and they work as expected.
The last mqtt thing I added yesterday afternoon.
Then yesterday evening I updated from OH 3.1 to 3.2 - existing mqtt things are still ok.

Today I wanted to add a new generic mqtt thing:

  • Settings->Things - here I click the “+” sign
  • click on “MQTT Binding”
  • click on “Generic MQTT Thing”

Now in the mask of the new generic mqtt thing I can’t select the parent bridge anymore.
When I click on the “Bridge” field nothing happens.
Any suggestions what I can do ?

I added a second “mqtt broker” thing. Also this second broker
doesn’t change the problem. The “Bridge” field still seems to be dead…

Just to check: after you click the Bridge field, nothing appears at the bottom of your webpage? If I remember correctly it’s not like a normal list selection field that you might be used to from other websites - it appears at the bottom of the page.

This is correct: nothing happens. I checked this just again.
Neither in the middle nor at the bottom (or somewhere else) of the page.

btw: When I click on the “Show advanced” checkbox the additional settings are shown.
So it is clear, not the whole page is freezed, but the “parent bridge” field is.

The are my things until yesterday (the second broker is from today and only for testing this problem):

And this is my broker:

Hi, it seems I have found a solution:
First I uninstalled and then reinstalled the mqtt binding. This
had no visible effect. So I restarted my Raspi.
After that I could again select the broker when adding new mqtt things.