After upgrade to openHAB 2.5.6 getting constant 'messagesubscriber object hasn't been started!' error

After upgrade to 2.5.6 Ive been getting constant warnings in the logs. Everything is working fine outside of these warnings.

MQTT message received for topic homie/hubitat/light-tvbacklight/switch, but MessageSubscriber object hasn't been started!

here is an example of my item definition

Switch Light_TV_SW "TV Backlight SW" (gTunableWhiteSwitch) {channel="mqtt:homie300:7d0ef5b3:hubitat:light_2Dtvbacklight#switch"}

Have you tried restarting (not rebooting) OH a few times to see if that clears the error?

I had restarted OH once after the upgrade - every upgrade my items are not available until a second restart after the initialization but that didn’t fix it. I just restarted again today and it seems to be better now. Thank you - I didn’t think multiple restarts would be needed.