After upgrading to 3.4 I get these warnings in log file

I don’t know if anyone else is getting this but here is the warning:
2022-12-21 09:08:48.794 [WARN ] [ui.internal.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - Exception while formatting value ‘57.41’ of item Zigbeetemperaturebedroom_Zigbeehuniditybedroom with format ‘%s %’: Conversion = ‘%’

I am assuming it is the % I had in the unit of measurement in the thing.

I am removing those and see what happens.

Cannot seem to replicate the problem. Might just be a one off.

So is this a temperature Item or a humidity Item?

Humidity item.

I think taking the % off the unit of measure has fixed the issue. I never had those warnings before upgrading though.


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