Again backup - HOWTO

Hopefully an easy one:-)

Yes, there are tons of informaion on backup here - I decided for an easy one. I’m just interested to save my entire configuration, whatever format, in order to have something to start with in case of a device breakdown. I read about the former way of configuration by editing the “big configuration file” and well, I think thats the thing for me - not necessarily as something to re-import and go but as a documentation and guideline of what to do. The same is true for the HabPanel.

The closest thing I found crawling the PI file structure is: /srv/openhab-userdata/jsondb/*.json - at least there is everthing that’s considered mine:-))

Am I on the right path here`?

Hi Christian,

I think this is what you are looking for :slight_smile:


In the openhab config point 50 and after that point 01 I think.
Hope it will help :slight_smile:
After that the backup file is saved under userdata / backup.

I never looked back there when I was done installing:-)

So the plan ist to use backup-cli and mount the backup directory as a remote file system in order to get it of the PI. And so I’ve read, openhab-cli also provided the possibility to restore such a backup easily - no problem with that:-)

By reading further, I now understand also the zram functionality!

Thank you.