Again: No status from Fibaro FGK-10x, v3.2 (

I’ve a problem with getting any info from my FGK-10x, v3.2.
Habmin includes it successfully but there’s no status (door open and/or battery level). I can’t find any xml for the node (node4.xml in my case) and I can’t set the lifeline association to the controller - it remains empty after saving the changes and refreshing the page.

Binding version is on openhab2 snapshot v2.1 on windows7

I’m struggling with this problem for weeks now hoping to get this solved somehow. But now I’m running out of ideas and need some help from the community.

Any ideas?

Thanks, regards

Battery devices need to be woken up to allow them to configure. I think for this device there’s a button inside the unit - you will need to press this (maybe a few times) to wake the device up (check the manual). (note that opening and closing the door is not the same and will not work).

You may need to wake it a couple of times to get it to initialise fully. Until this happens, you won’t be able to configure it, and there won’t be an XML stored.

If you’ve done this, then you need to check the debug logs to see what is happening. You can use the online viewer to more easily see what is happening, and this allows you to filter the data to only display the single node.