Air Quality binding - dominentPol channel doesn't work for me

i write about a problem I have with the AQI binding. It works mostly well in my installation (openHAB 2.2.0), I just experience some little problems sometimes, one of these is about the dominentPol channel that I recently linked to an item in my system.
According to this post

it should be related to the value that mostly determines the AQI. I thought it can be useful to add this information in my system and because it is one of the channels listed in the binding documentation page, I did it. But my linked item never get populated.
Here is my configuration:

  • item file:

String AqiDominantPollutant “dominant pollutant: [%s]” {channel=“airquality:aqi:house:dominentPol”}

  • sitemap file:

Text item=AqiDominantPollutant

Can you find any mistake in my configuration and does this channel work in your systems?

Hi, it seems nobody experiments, or feels as significant, this problem with the dominentPol channel. Now I upgraded to openHAB 2.3.0 and I keep on having the item linked to this channel with value “-”.

I thought the reason could be that the stations I normally connect to (ID 9361 and 9362) don’t provide this data (before I was thinking that this parameter would be calculated by the binding itself) as it happens for o3 channel, but in this case I think it would be better to add the dominentPol channel in the note of the “Channels” chapter of the documentation page.

Does anybody use this channel? If it works somewhere, could anybody please provide to me the ID of an air quality measurement station where it works so I could use it in order to test my configuration?