Airthings Radon

I have an Airthings Wave Plus monitor to watch Radon levels in my basement. I am connecting via bluetooth and have connected it to OpenHab and I am getting readings just fine. Really happy with it so far.

The only issue I have is the unit of measure is not what we consider normal, we’re bringing back Bq/m^3 instead of pCi/L. Is there a way of converting this measurement?

Yes. I have the same device reporting to OH via an MQTT bridge.

But the key thing to understand here is that the Airthings Wave Plus, despite what it’s showing in the phone app, is actually reporting Bq/m^3. Furthermore, openHAB doesn’t support pCi/L as a unit of measurement. So you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Change the type of the Item to just Number (this might be OK to leave as a Number:Density but you’ll probably see errors in the logs).
  2. Add a JS transformation profile.
  3. Create a JS transformation to strip the Bq/m^3 from the state and do the math to convert the value to pCi/L.
  4. Add a state description Item metadata pattern %.1f pCi/L.

You could also use a proxy Number Item and a rule instead of the profile.

Ah thank you! That worked out well. It took a few iterations but I was able to get it pretty simply.