AirZone local API binding [3.4.0;4.1.0)

Hello @obones

So I removed all Airzone Things and binding, rebooted the raspberry.
I reinstalled the binding and the Things. Now it’s ok. No errors.
It seems to work but I still have a problem with the setpoint temperature of the zones.

I make OH create the items and links.

When I go to a setpoint item, the setpoint value is either correct or NaN. When I click + or -, nothing happens on the UI nor on the Airzone System. The value doesn’t change. Sometimes the UI complains : connection error. I see nothing in the logs.
I tried to post a command to the REST API to change the setpoint : it works like a charm. The value change both in the logs and on the Airzone System.
So I don’t understand why I cannot change the setpoint value through the UI and the setpoint item.
Did I miss something ?

Thanks !

For the “All zones” item, this is what I get:

It’s quite expected because those items are “write only” and never get an update.
It is, however, impossible to use the + or - buttons here as NaN is not supported by MainUI. There’s nothing that I can do here, unfortunately.

For other zones, this is what I get:

And it works just fine with the buttons.

Note however, that this value is only populated after a refresh cycle, so it’s possible to have the item for a valid zone stay at value NaN for a few seconds after creation. But once it has received an updated value, all should be fine.

In all cases, you have to make sure the item is properly linked to a channel, as it may happen that openHAB “remembers” links from previous things and does not replace them with valid values.
The link should display online as seen here:

Hope this helps

Hello @obones

It’s up and running now! I had to include stateDescription metadata for each setpoint item, with a step value of 0.5.

Big thanks for your binding! I’m all set to use it for managing my system.

One more question: Do you use HomeKit? If so, could you provide guidance on defining Thermostats using the Airzone items?

Kind regards,

Would you care to show me where you did that?
I’m asking because the channel should already be defined with a step value of 0.5 so maybe I missed something.

I don’t, but this should not be any different than any other HVAC based things already present in openHAB. So maybe there are explanations done with other bindings that would apply here as well.

Ok thanks. My concern is how to handle the HVAC mode.

I’ll try to create dummy items for that

Hi @obones

I have an issue with the all zones Thing. In my case, it is not discovered. I had to manually add it. I configured the Bridge and system number. It goes on line, however it has no channels. Did I miss something ?

EDIT: This wrning is in the logs every 20 sec

2023-09-16 14:51:42.287 [WARN ] [.handler.AirZoneAllZonesThingHandler] - No master zone data for 1


Ah well, I did not notice it at the time, but your system does not provide the master_zoneID field in its replies.
The “all zone” thing currently relies on it being available for working properly. I’ll see if I can find a workaround.

Hello @obones

To send a command for allZones (on/off, temperature, mode), using zone 0 works well on my install.
The only information that have to be read is the mode. The mode is indicated in every zone description. So mode can be read from the Zone 1 which is always defined in an installation.

Other option : the master Zone is the one for which the “modes” key is populated by more than 1 value

					"systemID":	1,
					"zoneID":	2,
					"name":	"Entr?e",
					"on":	1,
					"maxTemp":	30,
					"minTemp":	24,
					"setpoint":	25,
					"roomTemp":	24.600000381469727,
					**"modes":	[1, 4, 2, 3, 5],**