AKM868 - solution for USB adapter


since OH 1.8 there is a binding for the LAN-based presence detection system from IPS.

In case somebody needs a solution for the USB version of the IPS-868-adapter (IPS-USB-T-868), an alternative way to connect to the AKM868 is now described in the Wiki.

@Mitch77, hope you don’t mind that I hijacked your wiki-page. I thought it is the best place to add this description.


is anybody going to add support for the EKM-868? Unfortunately I’m not able to do it myself.

Just wanted to ask before thinking about another solution.

Best regards

Hi Ralf,

in case you have the USB adapter, I assume a simple modification of the solution described in the Wiki should work. Let me know if you need help.

Thank you for your offer of help luotaus,

but I have the LAN adapter. Therefore, the USB workaround is not my approach.

@luotaus. I encourage everybody to help in this project, so it’s absolutely OK to use what’s there and improve it. Thanks.

@ral Let’s see what I can do, but one problem
Is, I don’t have an EKM to test it.