Alarm clock of squeezebox radio for OH

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(Matthias Dohr) #1

Hello everybody,

I red sometime ago about the possibility for using the alarmclock of eg squeezebox radio
to interact with openhab. But unfortunately I can’t find the correct channel. I have no clue about adding custom channels to a thing, so I hope someone can do that because I think I’m not the only one who would like that feature

(Mark) #2

The current version of the squeezebox binding doesn’t support the native squeezebox alarm functionality (although you should be able to accomplish the same thing using a rule).

(Vincent Regaud) #3

Hello, @dohr83

A quick search on the forum turns up this:

You can then use openHAB as an alarm clock to trigger your squeezebox

You can’t. Unless you want to do the binding development. You can always put up a feature request on gitHub.

(Mark) #4

The issue is already on github. Check out #1 on How to ask a good question. LOL :wink:

Sorry, but it’s pretty low (actually near the bottom) on my priority list to do.

(Matthias Dohr) #5

Ok, I see my topic is crap.

I don’t wanted to have an alarm clock with openhab rules, I mentioned that openhab recognize that an alarm is coming, so it do something.

For e.g.:
my alarm (that I have defined in the radio) will start at 6am. So openhab should switch on the bathroom heating at 5:45, or the coffee machine.

In my case, I often change my alarm times caused of my working times, so it’s more easy to change times on the radio in stead of changing the rules.

It’s on a low priority, so I will look for an alternative.

Many thanks for the fast reply’s

(Eric Zenz-Matzl) #6

Maybe that can solve your problem.

I haven’t tested it yet but it’s on my ToDo…

(Vincent Regaud) #7

Don’t change the alarm of the radio OR the rules. Change the alarm on HABpanel or the sitemap.
No need to go editing rules