Alarmdecoder 2.5.5 Binding

Another tip for anyone migrating from v1. The handling of the panel text has changed subtly.

I use a rule with the panel text because the bits that show what status the arming is in (full, part, night) expire at the end of the exit delay (and the “Armed” light on the keypad goes out). The only way I can tell when the panel is disarmed is to check the display has changed from being blank.

With v1, my rule used to check for:
when KeypadText changed from “” “”
In case this forum editor is too clever when it displays text, that’s quote slash quote <32 spaces> slash quote quote

and with this version it is:
when KeypadText changed from " "
quote <32 spaces> quote
so no escaped quotes.

Hopefully that would be useful to anyone else who needs to check the keypad display text.

This fix has now been merged in to the 2.5.x branch, and should be available in the next 2.5.9-SNAPSHOT build.

Has anyone tried this binding out in 3.0 yet? I’ve got RC2 running and as soon as I tried to control a virtual zone things seemed to go haywire and i’ve not yet been able to get them back.

I don’t know of any reason why the binding would behave differently with OH3 than with OH2. What went wrong for you? Did the same configuration work before under 2.5.x?

looks to be a false alarm - I trashed the config for the pre release 3.0 and recreated the alarmdecoder stuff and now it is all good with no issues. Likely something got messed up in my previous testing. :slight_smile:

Good! I’m glad to hear it’s working properly.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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I have also managed to use the alarmdecoder binding under OH3 with no problems.

(Well except for the late updating of clearance of wireless zones but that was also present under OH2 and with the original v1 binding so is probably the alarm itself. I’ll get around to checking it out one day!)