Alert when item is not updated since x hours

I have some zigbee devices and I use profiles (Timestamp on Change) to keep track of the time when this was updated. (I did this via a rule in the past, but this is much easier/faster)
All these last update items are in a group with an Aggregation Function set to earliest. This way I can see the date/time of the item which was updated the longest time ago.
Now I would like to get an e-mail/pushover when this happens. I know I can trigger a rule every couple of hours to check this date, but isn’t there a profile (just like hysteresis or range) which I can use, to trigger eg a switch to ON when the group state is more then x hours ago? This way I can trigger the rule on this switch item.


A profile is no good, that acts on channels. Groups aren’t used with channels.

The expire feature does something like this on a per-Item basis, but the action is to command or update the Item.
That’s not going to work well with a Group -
A) You can’t update a Group state.
B) if you command instead, that gets passed to all members, and is probably a disaster.
C) The Group constantly updates anyway, even if the “oldest” doesn’t change.

One approach would be to use a proxy Item, say a Switch called “Panic”.
Set expire on that to command ON after X hours.
A rule triggers from Group state change and updates Panic to OFF, causing timer to restart.
A rule detects Panic ON and does whatever it is.

More about rossko57’s approach is written up at Design Patterns: Generic Is Alive

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I had already set up expire on all these items, but forgot that I could trigger a rule based on one of the groupmembers.