Alexa and Rollershutters

I got a bit confused there… I try amongst other things to control my rollershutters with alexa

My Setup is the Following:

  • Alexa with openhab Skill
  • Openhab 2 on a Rasperrrypi2
  • homegear and some Homematic stuff (like my Rollershutter)
  • My Rollershutter is already controlled (working properly) by some Rules and a manual switch

Now the Confusion starts here:
I tried to use my Rollershutter item as [Lightning] (kind of worked, could set % of the rollershutter) and now as [Switchable]
Item Looks like this:

Rollershutter  HG_HM_Roll_Level  "Esszimmerrolladen" [Switchable]{ channel="homematic:HG-HM-LC-Bl1PBU-F...

So now i can tell Alexa “lift the rollershutter” (in German: mach den Esszimmerrolladen hoch) and it lifts about 25% and stops. I then can repeat the command and the same will happen). lowering works the same way

I can also command Alexa to set the Rollershutter to 100% she everytime asks what device i mean, I repeat the name and it works… If i tell her to set the Rollershutter to 0% she says there is no device with that name… everytime… ?

So what i would like to do is to tell her to lift the rollershutter and she lifts or lowers it the full 100%. How can i do this. (I dont care about % for now)

I know i could use a switch with on of and a rule for that… but i would like to do this in the natural language way that is already working but only for 25% or so…

Thanks for any help you can offer