Alexa Binding Garagedoor not supporting state?

I am on OH3.1 with an otherwise working Alexa binding through

I used to open/close my garagedoor by asking Alexa to change a switch: Alexa, turn Garagedoor ON.

Looking at the binding documents for the 3.x binding - I see there are options to better integrate certain devices - so I have this item config in my setup now:

Switch GarageDoor "Garagedoor" {alexa="ToggleController.toggleState" [category="GARAGE_DOOR", friendlyNames="@Setting.Opening", actionMappings="Close=OFF,Open=ON", stateMappings="Closed=OFF,Open=ON"]}

This works well; the device is recognized by Alexa as a garagedoor and I can now open it by saying;
Alexa, open garagedoor.

However, as there is a StateMapping, I would have expected Alexa to also answer:
Alexa, is the garagedoor open

But here Alexa replies “Garagedoor does not support that” (or something similar, my Alexa speaks german ;-))

How can I integrate the state ? - does anyone have a working setup ?

Also, as a reflection I noted that when configuring the new device in the Alexa app, it asked for a security code to be set. I set that - but Alexa never asks for it when opening/closing the door. Strange?

Your setup is fine. It should work as you expected. It’s probably the way you are asking. Have you asked Alexa, is the garage door closed or Alexa, what is the garage door state?

Well, when I ask; Alexa, ist Garagetor offen ? (is the garage door open) she replies Garagetor opening ist aus (strange mix of german & english). This is really not usable :wink: Any ideas ?

So I overlooked that you are using the ToggleController interface when the garage door integration only worked with a ModeController interface on the Alexa side. This is actually the only integration that supports requesting for its semantic state.

Anyway, as you will found out, you can’t modeled a Switch as a ModeController capability with the current skill version without using a proxy item. However, a new metadata syntax for the skill will be released shortly, including new door/window covering capabilities that will match your setup. Feel free to join the beta test.

Actually, I also forgot that this integration is only supported in English (US). So, using the new metadata syntax, you will need to model your item as Door which will give you the ability to request Alexa, what’s the garage door status? and you should get a response similar to what you noticed before (The garage door opening is open), but at least it will include “open” and “closed” state opposed to “on” and “off”.

This is unfortunately a limitation on the Alexa side.