Alexa Binding: remind() channel not working as expected


when using the remind channel my echo devices only play the reminder sound, but there is no speak. The alex app notification is also working and contains the message.

When using the textToSpeech channel, alexa is saying my message, but of course without alexa app notfication and without reminder sound.

Is this a bug of the alexa binding or does the remind channel require a special format of the message?

The app shows the full message, but the Echo only plays the sound? Then I believe it is the configuration of the echo that prevents the text output. Can you check the settings there?


No, there is no setting for that. I use a lot of reminders, those are working fine on all my devices: 6x Echo Dots, 1x Echo Show, 1x Echo Show 5, 1x Echo Show 8, 1x Echo Auto.

But when using the remind channel of the alexa binding, only the sound is played. On Show devices also the text appears on the screen for one seconds and then disapear. Maybe the API has changed so that the current API call for remind channel is not 100% correct.

Without any changes it is working today. So maybe it only was a temporary API issue of Amazon.

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Thanks for the feedback. The issue was on my list for this week.

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