Alexa binding without beep

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after the last upgrade to 2.5.10 of the Alexa Binding the texttospeech item has now a beep before any tts message. In the past it works without the beep. What I understood is that the beep is only for an announcement but not for texttospeech function. Any idea how I can disable the beep ?

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I am on OH 2.5.10-1 and use e.g.

Echo_Living_Room_TTS.sendCommand( '<speak><amazon:effect name="whispered">hallo</amazon:effect></speak>' )

in a rule and there is no beep. I did not change anything after the upgrade to 2.5.10.

Thanks Wolfgang,

I use

Alexa_Sprachausgabe : String

Alexa_Sprachausgabe.postUpdate("Door is open")

With OH 2.5.10 it works, I will make a try with your syntax.

Now I’m checked it, with “wispered” the beep isn’t there but the delay always.

If I remove the effect-parameter I have the same result that the beep is there.

I also tried

Echo_Living_Room_TTS.sendCommand( 'Door is open' )

no beep here.

How did you define Echo Arbeitszimmer_Sprich ?

I defined it by paper UI. Only standard - this is type String.

Here the rest interface definition

  "link": "",
  "state": "",
  "stateDescription": {
    "pattern": "%s",
    "readOnly": false,
    "options": []
  "editable": true,
  "type": "String",
  "name": "ShowWohnzimmer_Sprich",
  "label": "Sprich",
  "tags": [],
  "groupNames": []

Thats all.

That seems to be the item that you use as input to be sent to Alexa. What I meant is the TTS channel.
Just in case it could be defined in a different way.

Mine is defined as:

String Echo_Living_Room_TTS                   "Text to Speech"                        (Alexa_Living_Room) {channel="amazonechocontrol:echo:xxxxxxxx:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX:textToSpeech"}

ShowWohnzimmer_Sprich is the item which is created by Paper UI for texttospeech. The channel info will be only displayed in Paper UI


All thinks and items are defined by Paper UI. Only things which are not supported directly I add manually.

In the REST interface it looks :

"linkedItems": [
"uid": "amazonechocontrol:echoshow:xxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:textToSpeech",
"id": "textToSpeech",
"channelTypeUID": "amazonechocontrol:textToSpeech",
"itemType": "String",
"kind": "STATE",
"label": "Sprich",
"description": "Spricht den Text (Nur schreiben). Es kann reiner Text oder SSML verwendet werden: e.g. <speak>Ich will dir ein Geheimnis erzählen.<amazon:effect name=\"whispered\">Ich bin nicht wirklich ein Mensch.</amazon:effect></speak>",
"defaultTags": [],
"properties": {},
"configuration": {}

looks from my end fine…

one remark before you ask, Beep is diabled on Amazon Echo Settings.

Nothing new from my end, beep always there.

Wolfgang_S What kind of Echo are you using (Dot, Show, …) ?

My tests were done on an Echo Plus. But also own a Dot and a Echo Show 5.

Thanks Wolfgang, now I changed to OH3 and will check again if I have solved the open issues.

I will give a response becaue it’s solved.

The reason was that I set the volume to a standard value before I send the message. The beep comes from the setting command and in result the message delay was to long for me. Now I remove the setvolume for the Alexa devices and it works without beep. Thanks again
best, Christian

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