Alexa cannot find the openhab (2.5) devices

Hello, I would like to operate my Daikin air conditioner using the Alexa voice control. The openhab cloud and Alexa binding are installed and the account has also been linked. Unfortunately, Alexa cannot find any new devices or the air conditioning.

No binding is needed for Alexa voice control. RTFM!

It is a skill installed on Alexa

Hooray, now it works. The items created by vsc were not available in openhab. After I created this directly in openhab and assigned the tags switch = switchable, temperature setting = target temperature, all other settings = heating cooling mode in the rest of the API, the detection also worked.

Now another question arises, how and where can I change the voice commands for, for example, the mode (heat, cool, fan etc.). I would like to have German-language commands here. For these items I used the HeatingCoolingMode tag and in the rest of the API I can also see the available options or voice commands. Unfortunately I have no idea where I can change this in openhab.

Sorry, it’s always a little harder at the beginning. I thought the Amazon Echo Binding is necessary for device detection.

That is for controlling Amazon Echo devices.

click on the link ( regional settings )

you need to “enter” your commands in your local language via voice commands.
Alexa then does the translation to use the right software commands.