Alexa can't discover item with multiple v3 tags

I have a Raspberry Pi with a single gpio item. If I define it as

Switch LightSwitch “Light Switch” {alexa=“Switchable” gpio=“pin:17”}

then the Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill discovery fails to find it. I have to use the older style tagging to get it to work:

Switch LightSwitch “Light Switch” [“Switchable”] {gpio=“pin:17”}

At this point, it works fine and the gpio is voice controlled as expected.

I couldn’t find anything in the documentation which said I couldn’t use multiple tags. Is there something obvious I’m missing?

You need to add a comma to separate the tags.

Switch LightSwitch "Light Switch" {alexa="Switchable", gpio="pin:17"}

Ahha, thanks! I was sure I’d read somewhere that they were space separated, though I can’t find that now. Hey ho.