Alexa discovery

I am having some trouble with Alexa discovering OpenHab2 devices. Alexa discovers all my non-OpenHab2 devices just fine. I suspect that I’m missing something obvious.

The state reported in myopenhab is correct, so I’m confident that the information is getting to myopenhab.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Add a label to the item. The label is the name you need for alexa.

You need a label after raspiledgreen. Labels are in quotes.

Thanks. I modified the line and added a label. The challenge is then that Alexa won’t allow me to query the state of RaspiLEDGreen.

Maybe I should explain - RaspiLEDGreen is just an LED off my RPi driven by rules. I know that I can’t connect Contact items to Alexa so I figured that I’d connect the LED. But I don’t want to control the LED state with Alexa, just query the status.

As far as i know the binding does not support asking the state of an item.

That is my thinking at this point as well. I can issue commands to OpenHab2 via Alexa (close my garage doors for example). Even using IFTTT through Alexa I can’t query OpenHab2.