Alexa disovers 3 Lights via Hue Emulation (none work)

I’m running OPenHAB 2.5 on Windows 10 (as a Service).

I’m using a Z-Wave USB dongle as my Z-Wave hub, and that’s working fine.

OpenHAB sees all 18 switches, and is able to manage/control them all.

I’ve installed HUE Emulation to get Alexa to discover (and, thus, control) my devices (light switches).

However, when I put HUE Emulation into Pairing mode, and as Alexa to discover devices, I get THREE devices discovered, all called “Light”.

Alexa app shows them as being via the “Hue Hub”, and I can turn them on/off via the app (at least they all SHOW being turned on/off) - but a walk around the house shows NO lights turning on/off in response to the Alexa App commands.

Other (non z-wave devices) all work just fine.

If I DELETE and re-discover devices, the same 3 reappear…

Anyone have any thoughts on this?