Alexa doesn't find item/device

at first I have to say that I’m a complete newb with openHab. I have installed openHabian on a Raspberry Pi Zero W and that works flawless. My first target is to control my denon receiver via Alexa. I have been using a Echo dot for some time, but only set up one smart plug from TPLink until now.
I have added the denon/marantz binding and added an item to switch it on/off. I have also setup Account and connected it to my openHabian installation and alexa. I have also added the openHab app on my iPhone. I can power on/off the receiver via my openHabian system and via the app, the device is correctly displayed in But Alexa doesn’t find the device/item.
When I call /rest/items/ I get the following response:

Do you have any idea what I am missing?


Yes, tags :smile:

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