Alexa don't find items

Hi all, I come from openhab 2.5 and have no problem. Some time ago I started to build a new installation on openhab 3.1 (now I’m on M3). Today I decided to migrate to the new installation but when I leaved alexa from the first installation to the new one, Alexa found nothing.

here an example of my items:

Edit: maybe have I to reset alexa smart home because of changed openhab account? Anywhere I don’t remember how to reset it :S

The connection between Alexa and Myopenhab (new installation) appear to be ok because some items that have the same name on the old installation works. If I start a scan, Alexa don’t find new items and if I delete one of the old item that work on old and new installation Alexa don’t find it. That’s all for now.
Today I’ll try to downgrade openhab 3.1M3 to 3.0.1 Stable.

I tried the downgrade to OH3 stable and nothing happen.
I will check if some object have any kind of misconfiguration on the lables.
Is there a tool to extract the objects on a text file?
Any help will appreciate :slight_smile:
appy Easter to all :slight_smile: