Alexa Echo Voice recognition for GPIO bindings

Hi there,

as a newbie to Smart Home I succesfully setup my RASPI 3b+ with Openhabian, installed the GPIO binding and connected an LED and a 4 channel relais via Raspi GPIO ports.

Then I created my home.items and my home.sitemap. Everything works fine, I can control all devices via basic UI and via Mobile Apps remote.

In teh next step I installed the openhab skill to my Echo Dot and startet the discovery of my items. I now have the possibility to switch on/off my devices via Alexa skill from the Alexa app.

But when I try to switch via voice control (“Alexa, turn on Lampe”) Alexa means she doesn´t knows the device.

I have implementet the Echo syntax in the items file, as you can see below:

Switch Lampe “Lampe” [“Lighting”] { gpio=“pin:21” }

Switch Kanal_1 “Kanal 1” [“Switchable”] { gpio=“pin:26 activelow:yes initialValue:high” }
Switch Kanal_2 “Kanal 2” [“Switchable”] { gpio=“pin:19 activelow:yes initialValue:low” }
Switch Kanal_3 “Kanal 3” [“Switchable”] { gpio=“pin:13 activelow:yes”}
Switch Kanal_4 “Kanal 4” [“Switchable”] { gpio=“pin:6 activelow:no”}

Contact Button “Button [%s]” [“Switchable”] { gpio=“pin:24 activelow:yes” }

What is the missing link - isn´t it possible to use GPIO items for voice control?

Any hints highly appreciated.

Best regards


I don’t know how Alexa works so can’t help you solve the problem. But I can say that the Alexa skill doesn’t know nor does it care what binding is linked to your Items. All it needs to know is it is a Switch. So the problem has nothing to do with the GPIO.

Hi Rick,

I tried it via the Hue Emulation and could create a thing with a channel - after I started the discovery in the Alexa app a second time, I´m now able to use the voice commands.