Alexa French and Japanese Translation Help Needed!

We would like to distribute our Alexa app in other countries, including non english speaking regions. As part of our submission process we need to have our distribution strings updated in those languages. If you speak French or Japanese, it would be fantastic if you could help out. Translations can be done at . Thanks for your support.

For those users waiting for Australia and other english speaking countries that we are not currently in, we have received a waiver to push our v2 skill out, even though they are not accepting v2 pushes anymore. When we push out to France and Japan, we will also update these regions.

This will most likely be the last version 2 api of the skill we push out. There is a v3 api version in the works that will provide much more functionality and take advantage of some new features in openHAB 2.3


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Great. I am working on French translation :slight_smile:

@digitaldan French translation posted !

Thanks, we actually have the French translation submitted and approved! As soon as Amazon enables Smart home skills for France, we will be there day 1.

May I help with Spanish?

Please! The translation can be done at openhab-alexa dashboard in Crowdin

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Someone stepped forward and it was done. I’ve only voted and corrected a minor typo. :wink:

Still appreciate the help! I have submitted the skill, so fingers crossed.

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Any feedback from Amazon?

It’s in review, if i hear anything i will post back here.

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