Alexa global timers

I have 3 Alexas in our house one thing that hacks me off is if you set a timer in the kitchen and move rooms it only times out in that room

is there a way in openhab to get it to set the timer on all 3 ?


Use a groups and a rule but you may need to activate the timer via OH instead of just asking Alexa directly. Also take a look at lastVoiceCommand as that may be a feature that will work for you either way.:thinking:

I am also interested in this.

How can I set a timer via OH for Alexa ?

Use a rule, proxy item and the text to speech feature (TTS) of the Alexa control binding.


rule "Light Alert"
    Item Proxy_Lightlevel changed 
    if(Proxy_Lightlevel.state == ON && ESP_Easy_Door.state == ON && Proxy_Motion.state == ON && startLightTimer === null){
        startLightTimer = createTimer(now.plusMinutes(10)) [|
            Echo_Plus_TTS.sendCommand('The garage door is closed, and light has been left on')
            startLightTimer = null

If the garage door is shut and the light is left on for longer than 10 minuets Alexa will give me a notification. You just need to create a proxy (dummy) item for a way to turn on/off the timer via OH and rule with TTS to have it say something or give a sound. For sound see PlayAlarmSounds in binding doc’s.

This rule, when I have the ESP_Easy_Door item (switch) turned on Alexa will play a sound when the door opens. After the sound it will turn the item (switch) back off.

rule "Turn on alarm sound for 15 seconds if garage door opens"
    Item ESP_Easy_Door changed to OFF
    if(Garage_Door_Alert.state == ON){
            if (stopAlarmTimer === null)
            stopAlarmTimer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(15)) [|
            stopAlarmTimer = null
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Is it possible to play the same sound like when a normal timer is over ?

Sadly when doing it this way you can not ask the other alexa devices “How many minutes are left on my timer ?”
There is no way around that right ?

Yes go to http://openhab:8080/amazonechocontrol/ (may need to use IP address of OH server instead of openhab) and you will be able to see all the sounds available when you select the Echo “Thing”.

That may be where the lastVoiceCommand will work but I’m not sure, haven’t played with it yet to see what’s possiable.

Really curious about it aswell.
Please let me know if you find something out about it

You can go here Release Candidate and Support: Amazon Echo Control Binding and use the search function. Just type in lastVoiceCommand and all related post will show. There are quite a few.:wink:

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