Alexa & Google Voice control Question

This is somewhat of a general inquiry so moderators please feel free to move it if its not under the right Topic.

There seems to be some functionality missing from Alexa and Google Home or I’m not seeing a way to enable it correctly.

If I’m in a room, that has an Alexa or Google Home, lets for this example its the Family Room. I want to be able to say, “Alexa, turn on the Light” or “Hey Google, turn on the Ceiling Fan”, rather than having to say “Turn on the Family Room Light” or “Turn on the Family Room Ceiling Fan”.

Is there a way to do this? Does what I’m asking make sense?

Thanks, Glenn

Not sure about Google but in the Alexa app you can create a routine and specify the wording to control the device.

Go to the device in the app, at the bottom click “create a routine” then type “Alexa, turn on the Light”.

Here is a link that covers how to setup room awareness for the echo.

Google also supports location/context awareness from what I know (although many users report that it doesn’t work very good)

I use Alexa Routines but can’t see how I would utilize a Routine for this situation. Basically, If I’m in a room I don’t want to have to refer to the room name to control a device in that room.

Yes, it would seem that Google Home does a better job but I haven’t been able to find any instructions on how it works. I wold think the simplest approach would be to match the Room Name with the Prefix of the device name. For Example:

Room Name: Family Room
Device Names: Family Room Light, Family Room Lamp, Family Room Floor Lamp, Family Room Fan
Calling Device: Light, Lamp, Floor Lamp, Fan

Hi goody,

You can create a group with the echo device + the lights in the Alexa app. I haven’t tested yet since I am at work but it looks like the solution for you.

Hi @Celsius90, I’ve tried that. It allows you to say "Alexa, “Turn on the Lights”. The echo device that’s associated with the room will turn on the Lights in that room.

What it doesn’t do, is allow you to reference the devices in that room individually.

I’m really surprised more people haven’t requested this feature.

Hi goody

If I understand correctly, yes you can do that. In your .items file you can create groups and also label each item. Is that what you want to do ?

For example, I have 3 lights in my living room. I have given them each a different label, and they are all part of the same group.

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) Salon "Salon" (Maison_ALL) [ "Lighting" ]
Switch Salon_Prise_1 "Salon Prise 1" <switch> (Salon) [ "Lighting" ] { channel="loxone:miniserver:serial:0DA537BA-0108-6F05-FFFF457AD3CFF0BE-AI2" }
Switch Salon_Prise_2 "Salon Prise 2" <switch> (Salon) [ "Lighting" ] { channel="loxone:miniserver:serial:0DA537BA-0108-6F05-FFFF457AD3CFF0BE-AI3" }
Switch Salon_Spot "Spot Salon" <switch> (Salon) [ "Lighting" ] { channel="loxone:miniserver:serial:0DA537BA-0108-6F05-FFFF457AD3CFF0BE-AI1" }

More info here :
And here :

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Just to reiterate the problem statement, I’m looking for a way to use abbreviated names for devices in the room you are currently located.

Here’s a setup:

Family Room
Echo: Family Room
Device: Family Room Fan

Master Bedroom
Echo: Master Bedroom
Device: Master Bedroom Fan

Here is the scenario:

While in the Master Bedroom I would like to be abler to say…
“Alexa, turn on the fan” (she turns on the Master Bedroom Fan)
“Alexa, turn on the Family Room Fan”

While in the Family Room I would like to be abler to say…
“Alexa, turn on the fan” (she turns on the Family Room Fan)
“Alexa, turn on the Master Bedroom Fan”

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Goody, your description is the precise thing I am looking to do as well but not finding any answers.

I realize this is an old thread but I’m hoping that someone has come up with something since then.

For Alexa, look for the term “room awareness” in this community site. Some devices (e.g. lights, tv) are handled directly on the Alexa side, through Alexa-enabled groups, while others aren’t yet (e.g. fans). For the unsupported devices, there is a workaround on the OH side using the Amazon Echo Control binding.