Alexa Groups / Room awareness

I have one alexa echo dot and one echo plus and I’m trying to setup group awareness with Alexa Groups
I have created two items with the name TV with tag {“Switchable”] and put them in separate groups along with the alexa echo in the same room, one group Bedroom and one group Livingroom.
I have tried Alexa turn on TV and i get that “I found more than one device with the name TV. Please create unique names then run discovery again or create a group if you want to run them simultaneously”
I want to be able to turn on TV by just telling alexa turn on TV in the current room.
I have also tried naming the devices “Livingroom TV” and “Bedroom TV” and adding them to the relevant group but sill i have to say “Alexa turn on bedroom tv” instead of “Alexa turn on tv”
Any ideas how room awareness works? What i’m i doing wrong?


It seems that room awareness doesn’t exactly works as i thought.
After some searching, i found that it works only with lights and [“Lighting”] tags in the current room.
For example i everything i put in a group that is tagged [“Lighting”] and i say “Alexa turn on lights” it turns on all lighting tagged items within the same group.
It seems that alexa groups and room awareness is not working as I had it in mind

What you need is a rule utilizing the lastvoicecommand channel to detect which echo is handling your command and then respectively turn on the right device

Hi Pentis,

As Illnesse says, you indeed can use this lastvoice. It is not stated in the binding info (yet)

But if you use Visual Studio Code with the openhab addon you can see there is this channel

String LastVoiceCommand {channel="amazonechocontrol:echo:9e456cd4:G090LF1173862GBU:lastVoiceCommand"}

Thanks! I will give it a try