Alexa has no connection to openhab

Hello everybody,

I’m actually a very experienced Openhab user, but now I’ve really reached the end of my ideas. I have a connection with my Alexa via openhabcloud, or via hueemulation. I had both working properly. Then suddenly the hue emulation didn’t work anymore, I simply switched to openhabcloud and now both are no longer possible. What have I tried so far, damn much, I would have preferred to get the hueemulation running again. What is my current status?

I set up a new virtual machine with Linux, installed Openhab 2.4 on it, added and configured the Homematic binding, all items from the Homematic were also found directly, then set up the Items file correctly (I know that it is correct because if I go under Control, there are all my Homematic devices and I can switch them over and they are called as I specified in the Items file, I take the file away, it no longer works). Hue emulation installed in Openhab, configured (Confi follows below / same). Let Alexa search for devices, no devices found. Tried it active with Device Paring and Amazon Echo device discovery fix, again no devices found.
In Openhab itself I can control every device wonderfully.

And now, please, do you have another idea? HEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPP MEEEE PLEASE

I would use myopenhabcloud if necessary, only there the server is apparently still full …

If you want more information, say what!

The Hue emulation is broken at the moment I believe.
Anyway, you don’t need that to integrate with openHAB
Follow this:

I did or configured it exactly as in the link, that’s my problem, I don’t know where my error is, that’s why my post is here

What seems to be the issue?

when I am using, I am online, but no devices are found in the alexa. and I read somewhere that the server no longer allows new items because the server is otherwise overloaded

The Hue emulation is indeed broken in OH 2.4. You would have to update to the OH 2.5 RC1 version or wait for the imminent final 2.5 release.

What you are talking about is related to the items you are exposing for the IFTTT integration through the cloud connector binding. Please do not include any items for other integrations. In regards to using the Alexa skill, you need to make sure to configure your items accordingly. If these are setup properly, the skill should be able to discover your devices.