Alexa Hue Emulation - Dimmer set wrong with value -1


OpenHAB2 is setting dimmer value minus 1 from original value asked for.
If I say “Alexa, schalte Licht auf 50” I get the value set to 49.

This is for the values from 2 to 99. Meaning 2 becomes 1 and 99 becomes 98;
OFF becomes 0 and 1 becomes 0;
ON and 100 becomes 100.

The problem is I cannot distinguish between 1 and 0 since 1 becomes 0 and 0 stays 0.

Is this a bug or how do I need to deal with this?
I want to know the values from 0 to 4.

I switch scenes with this:
“Alexa, schalte Licht aus” -> 0
"Alexa, schalte Licht auf 1" -> Scene 1
"Alexa, schalte Licht auf 2" -> Scene 2

Thanks, Andreas

Hello, I was searching the web for a pretty similar problem. So I found your post.

I have the same problem that alexa decrements my commanded value by one. But only for values between [1,20)
When I command ON/OFF, then it correctly takes 0/100.

Example: “alexa, stelle auf 19” (I use german too). Then the item value will be set to 18, actually.
I checked the Alexa history: It correctly understood 19. But the item was set to 18.

I’ll try to recherche more information about hue emulator issues.